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Getting Started

Read about the SOQL Lib in blog post.

Deploy to Scratch Org and run tests codecov

The SOQL Lib provides functional constructs for SOQL queries in Apex.


// SELECT Id FROM Account
List<Account> accounts = SOQL.of(Account.SObjectType).toList();
// SELECT Id, Name, Industry FROM Account
List<Account> accounts = SOQL.of(Account.SObjectType)
.with(Account.Id, Account.Name, Account.Industry)


public inherited sharing class SOQL_Contact extends SOQL implements SOQL.Selector {
public static SOQL_Contact query() {
return new SOQL_Contact();

private SOQL_Contact() {
// default settings
with(Contact.Id, Contact.Name, Contact.AccountId)

public SOQL_Contact byAccountId(Id accountId) {
return this;
public with sharing class ExampleController {
public static List<Contact> getAccountContacts(Id accountId) {
return SOQL_Contact.query()


  1. Additional level of abstraction - The selector layer is an additional level of abstraction that gives you the possibility to control the execution of SOQL.
  2. Mocking - Selector classes give a possibility to mock return values in unit tests.
    • Mock external objects (__x) - External objects cannot be inserted in unit tests. You need to mock them.
    • Mock custom metadata - Custom metadata cannot be inserted in unit tests unless the developer uses the Metadata API. Mock can be a solution.
  3. Control field-level security - The best practice is to execute SOQLs WITH USER_MODE to enforce field-level security and object permissions of the running user. The selector layer can apply WITH USER_MODE by default to all of the queries, so the developer does not need to care about it. Developers can also add WITH SYSTEM_MODE to all SOQLs from a specific selector.
  4. Control sharings rules - The selector allows to execute of different methods in the same class in different sharing modes.
  5. Avoid duplicates - Generic SQOLs like getById, and getByRecordType can be stored in the selector class.
  6. Default configuration - The selector class can provide default SOQL configuration like default fields, FLS settings, and sharing rules.
  7. Mocking - The selector class has built in Mocking functionality that provides ability to dynamically return data in test execution

License notes

  • For proper license management each repository should contain LICENSE file similar to this one.
  • Each original class should contain copyright mark: Copyright (c) 2023 BeyondTheCloud.Dev